Restaurant Deals in Kolkata


If you are looking for the best daily restaurant deals in Kolkata, is the site to visit. Here you will find constantly updated great value coupons that will fetch you fantastic discounts each time you eat out.

These discount coupons allow you to dine out with your family and friends without any worry about overspending. Over a period of time, these coupon deals allow you to save a considerable sum of money which can be used for other purposes. You can use the money saved to go on that long pending holiday with your family or you can just put the money away towards your retirement fund.

Kolkata is a great city that offers residents and visitors access to a variety of delicious cuisine through fine dining restaurants and fast food outlets. Though good food comes at a high price, you can now enjoy the same at affordable rates using restaurant coupons. The best restaurant deals in Kolkata allow you to enjoy those deliciously inviting pizzas and all kinds of food without breaking your wallet.

If you love delicious food, just pay Rs. 49 for a coupon and get 20% discount on your bill at AB’s Dilli Durbar. Go through the fine print before you use the coupon. For instance, this offer is not valid on holidays and Sundays. To avoid disappointment, always check for coupon validity and any other related conditions.

If you love Chinese food, purchase a coupon from and Hot & Spicy Chinese restaurant. This is one of the best restaurant deals in Kolkata that offers 50% discount for just Rs. 49.

If you are planning on using coupons at the restaurant, it is recommended to book your table in advance and inform them about your intention of using discount coupons. Even as you enjoy a sumptuous meal at the best restaurant without spending a lot of money, you can be more resourceful and save for the future.

Before you use the best restaurant deals in Kolkata and redeem the coupons, it is recommended to read the terms carefully to ensure a smooth transaction. Some restaurants may specify that the offer is valid only on selected items in the menu. Some others may offer discount only on the least expensive dish or on specific days of the week.

Before you place the order, inform the server about your intention of using a coupon. Some people hesitate to do this as they think this will affect the quality of service and amount of portion. Taking care of all these finer aspects will ensure that you will avoid any issues when you settle the bill.

Remember that all restaurants of a particular chain may not participate in the promotions. Go through the fine print and find out which one of them offers the deal. Sometimes, if the response to their promo offer is very good, the restaurant may run out of promoted items and may not be able to offer the best deals in Kolkata. In this case, rather than getting upset, remain calm and find out your options. In genuine situations like this, refunds your money.

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